10 Best AI Blogging Tools to Try (in 2024)

10 Best AI Blogging Tools to Try (in 2024)

AI powered writing tools are getting more advanced every year. The unlock new superpowers for content creators and blogger outreach services to produce high quality blog posts at scale. In 2024, expect even more innovation in artificial intelligence for transforming text and ideas into publishable blog articles and social media posts.

From optimising and expanding outlines into full length drafts to automatically generating SEO friendly headlines and meta descriptions, AI blog assistants can handle many tedious, time consuming tasks. The best tools also allow extensive customization so you maintain control over tone, terminology, accuracy, and other elements that ensure posts are on brand.

What are AI Blogging Tools?

AI blogging tools utilise machine learning algorithms to analyse content topics, writing styles, keywords and other data to produce original, human sounding blog drafts or assist in expanding outlines. Some tools generate fully unique blog posts from scratch while others enhance and optimise the content you provide.

Why Use AI Blogging Tools?

Reasons guest post & blogger outreach service teams use AI tools for blogging include:

  • Save time drafting posts so more time can be spent on high value tasks
  • Increase content publishing frequency and scale
  • Optimise content strategy with data driven recommendations
  • Improve team productivity and collaboration
  • Ensure brand consistency in tone and messaging
  • Surface relevant keywords and topics to cover

The best AI solutions streamline content creation without sacrificing quality. When used strategically, they can elevate blogging success.

Top 10 AI Blogging Tools

After extensive testing of numerous AI content creation platforms, these tools stand out for blogging in 2024:

1. Jasper

  • Creates SEO optimised blog posts up to 1,500 words from bullet points
  • 10 different writing styles to choose from
  • Summarises blog posts or articles into key points
  • Free version has limited word count
  • Pro plans start at $39 per month

2. Rytr

  • Generates blog ideas and interactive outlines
  • Expands outlines into complete, human sounding blog drafts
  • Creates social media posts
  • Optimises and edits existing posts
  • Free version available with limited word count
  • Unlimited plan starts at $97 per month

3. Shortly

  • Creates 10 minute reads from text or audio in 10 different genres
  • Imports articles to shorten into snackable blog posts
  • Creates social posts from long form content
  • Starter plan is free. Pro plans start at $15 per month.

4. Content Bot

  • Generates blog post ideas with predictive search data
  • Checks outlines for SEO issues before writing
  • Creates drafts targeted to readability score and word count
  • Starts at $47 per month for individuals. Custom pricing for agencies and teams.

5. Wise Scrape

  • Imports and auto formats posts from URL
  • Rewrites content for uniqueness
  • Optimises readability, word count and SEO
  • Free version has limited word count. Paid plans start at $7 per month.

6. Writesonic

  • Creates long form blog posts from titles and bullet points
  • Multiple style options available
  • Summarises articles into key takeaways
  • Starts at $15 per month. Enterprise pricing available.

7. INK Amplify

  • Structures content and ideas into outlines
  • Expands outlines into complete drafts
  • Optimises blog posts for SEO and readability
  • Free version available. Unlimited plan starts at $29 per month.
INK Amplify

8. Surfer SEO

  • Checks content for SEO issues before publishing
  • Provides specific optimization recommendations
  • Analyses competition to uncover content gaps
  • Starts at $99 per month. Custom pricing available.
Surfer SEO

9. Conversion.ai

  • Creates blog posts from notes and keywords with tone customization
  • Expands existing articles for improved clarity
  • Optimises headlines and metadata for clicks
  • Starting at $49 per month. Volume discounts available.

10. Nichess

  • Researches trending topics to cover
  • Checks outlines for SEO opportunities
  • Creates drafts targeted to keyword difficulty
  • Free version has limited word count. Paid plans start at $47 per month.

Key Factors When Comparing AI Blog Tools

Here are the key factors for guest post & blogger outreach service when choosing an AI tools:

Accuracy and readability

Ensure your brand’s voice and terminology are used correctly so posts require minimal editing before publishing. Read through initial drafts from any tool carefully.

Customization abilities

Look for options to tailor writing styles, tone, categories and topics covered to align with content guidelines.


Monthly subscriptions range from $15 to over $100 based on features, capabilities and limits. Startups and solopreneurs on a budget should look for free trials or basic plans.

Support and community

As artificial intelligence for content keeps advancing, expect hiccups occasionally. Great customer support and an active user community forum add confidence when adopting new technology.

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Automating content creation tasks like drafting, editing and keyword research allows bloggers to produce more high quality articles consistently while spending time more strategically.

Advancements in contextual analysis and language processing will continue revolutionising content production. As creators, we face exciting opportunities to leverage artificial intelligence to unlock more creativity, ideation, and thought leadership while machines handle rote, analytical tasks. 

By proactively embracing these emerging technologies under our supervision, future blog posts from AI to human audiences can educate and inspire.

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