An Introduction to YouTube Shorts: What It Is and Why To Use It

Since its arrival in 2005, Youtube has shown immense growth with the passage of time. One of the prominent steps taken to expand this popularity and progression was the launch of Youtube Shorts. It has given a new dimension to internet marketing agencies in promoting their ideas, items, or services creatively. 

What is Youtube Short? 

Youtube Shorts are comprised of short videos of 15-60 seconds that are captured in vertical dimensions using smartphone devices. These are created and uploaded then and there on Youtube with the help of the Youtube app. 

They appear and look like stories on Youtube which resemble a lot with an idea of stories on Instagram or TikTok

Youtube Shorts in the Youtube application contains in-built tools of creation that enable people to edit, add text, and music. It also helps in controlling the speed of the clip by increasing and decreasing. It also enables a user to edit multiple 15 seconds videos together to create short videos. 

Youtube short has given the option to its viewers on sharing, subscribing, commenting, like, and dislike the video while the video is playing. 

One of the significant features of YouTube Short, which is distinguished from any other stories like on Instagram or Snapchat, is that it remains on the platform and does not disappear. 

What is the use of Youtube Short videos? 

Youtube shorts videos were chiefly designed in such as way that it entertains the audience and also helps the brands in making an impact and creators drive engagement. A digital agency makes creative plans for marketing while utilizing trends on Youtube Shorts, TikTok, etc. 

Why Youtube Shorts are launched?

Youtube Shorts were introduced as a result of beta testing in India in September 2020 which was implemented as a result of the banning of Tiktok. Later it was released in beta in the United States in 2021. It was launched for global use in July 2021. 

YouTube Shorts was released as a beta in India in September 2020, following India’s TikTok ban. In March 2021, it was released as a beta in the United States.[5] It was globally released in July 2021,[2][4] after releases in various countries

Why should one try YouTube Shorts?

Youtube Short has the power to convert the spectators into subscribers, this causes the main reason for making it acceptable by any digital agency. 

It also provides an opportunity for its users in a very unique way to express themselves and display their creativity in 15 seconds or less. 

One of the different aspects of Youtube shorts Is that It can help you to create a channel that can only be used for Shorts. On top of this, a widget can also be placed on your main channel that can keep YouTube Shorts there. 

Well it is more recommended to place your YouTube Shorts on the main YouTube area as When you align your main feed with YouTube Shorts, it makes it a lot easier for your viewer to stay engaged while they can hop from Shorts to main content, ultimately resulting in subscribing your channel.

How to create a Youtube Short?

Creating a Youtube Short is a simple process that can be easily done and accessed through Smart Phone. There are a few simple steps that can be followed to make your Youtube Short:

  • STEP 1: A process starts from the installation of the Youtube App on your phone which makes it very handy and convenient to use. 
  • STEP 2: Log in to your account by using your Google or separate Youtube credentials 
  • STEP 3: Once the application is launched, You can start creating your videos by clicking on the (+) icon at the bottom of the main page. Tap it to start creating your short. 
  • STEP 4: You can record 15 – 60 second clips by keeping the red recording button pressed. To stop recording, press the red button again. 
  • STEP 5: Special Effects with the inclusion of music or stickers can be done on the video by browsing the toolbar on the right side 
  • STEP 6: Rotation of screen, slowing down of the speed, and placement of timer can be done on the video as well. 

Once all the editing is done, you can later publish the video. 


For any Digital agency, Youtube Short should be considered an integral part of video marketing. Youtube Shorts is a simple yet effective medium where people can showcase their talent through short clippings of a few seconds.

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