Blogger Outreach Service

Blogger Outreach Services

The best blogger outreach services is a digital marketing technique used to gain links, exposure and traffic from influential bloggers and their audience. It involves finding relevant bloggers in your industry and pitching them unique, high-quality content that would benefit their readers. The goal is for the blogger to showcase or promote your content on their popular blog or website.

Why Use Blogger Outreach Services?

Reaching out to bloggers individually can be a huge time commitment. Managing hundreds or thousands of blogger outreach pitches requires dedicated resources. This is where a professional blogger outreach service becomes invaluable. An experienced outreach agency has developed proven processes and strategies to efficiently reach more bloggers.

They also have tools and databases to easily identify influential bloggers that match your keywords or niche. Their dedicated outreach specialists know how to craft compelling pitches that resonate with bloggers. Using an established outreach company optimizes your chances of success.

How Does Eyes On Solution Work?

Eyes On Solution is  a professional blogger outreach agency that has refined systems in place to effectively promote your brand or business through relevant bloggers. Here is a typical process:

  • Keyword and niche research to identify top blogs with engaged audiences
  • Crafting unique, high-quality sponsored content specifically for those blogs
  • Personalized outreach emails with enticing pitch letters to target bloggers
  • Follow ups if needed to close the deal or secure links/mentions
  • Tracking and reporting on all outreach efforts and measurable results

This proven approach streamlines the logistics so you can focus on your core business while benefiting from optimized blogger coverage.

Benefits of Using an Expert Blogger Outreach Service

There are several advantages to enlisting an experienced blogger outreach agency:

  • Large database of influential bloggers in your industry to rapidly expand reach
  • Dedicated team works full-time on outreach for fast, high-volume results
  • Proven track record optimizes the chances of securing valuable links and exposure
  • Monitoring and follow up ensures pitches don't slip through the cracks
  • Account managers provide updates and reports on key metrics and performances
  • Strategies stay current as online trends change to keep maximizing ROI
  • Economies of scale lower the per-pitch costs versus doing it alone


By leveraging professional help, brands gain blogger coverage and backlinks more efficiently to boost search rankings, drive qualified traffic and increase online visibility. The right service becomes an integral part of a comprehensive content marketing strategy.

Choosing the Best Blogger Outreach Agency

When selecting a blogger outreach agency, consider the following factors:

  • Industry experience and specialization in your niche or keywords
  • Size of blogger network and reach into top blogs
  • Track record of securing links, shares and mentions from pitches
  • Familiarity of individual team members with blogging community
  • Transparency into methods, technologies and targeting criteria
  • Reporting and metrics provided on campaign success
  • Pricing options from one-time projects to retainer models
  • Client references and past work samples or case studies
  • Online reviews and reputation from industry awards


The top blogger outreach companies have transparent processes, knowledgeable teams and proven results. Choose a service with specialists deeply familiar with your space for optimal effectiveness. Carefully evaluate proposals based on capabilities as well as value for your marketing budget.

Importance of Blogger Outreach Link Building

While other linking strategies like guest blogging outreach services can also be effective, blogger outreach offers a focused and scalable approach. Well-executed pitches welcome bloggers to feature your content in a way that feels natural rather than promotional. This fosters real relationships and builds goodwill within the community.

When influencers showcase your whitepapers, infographics, how-to guides or product information to their readers, it positions you as an industry expert. Over time, these placements on authoritative sites and blogs convert into valuable backlinks. The links in turn boost search rankings and domain authority.

Besides the SEO benefits, engaging bloggers expands brand awareness through their networks. Their social shares expose your offerings to new potential customers. By optimizing content for each blogger's readership, you gain targeted exposure to qualified leads in your marketing funnel.

Overall, guest post & blogger outreach service provides an organic and sustainable link building tactic when handled through a qualified agency. Their expertise and large network saves tremendous time versus going at it alone with hit-or-miss results. It becomes a cornerstone tactic for inbound link generation as part of full-scale content marketing.

Determining The Success of Blogger Outreach Campaigns

To maximize ROI from blog outreach services, track key performance indicators:

  • Number of pitches sent vs pitches approved/published
  • Links gained from published content placements
  • Traffic and leads generated from bloggers' social shares
  • Brand mentions and new connections within industry
  • Increased search visibility for target keywords
  • Conversion rates on traffic from new referrals
  • Cost per placement or cost per lead/conversion
  • Repeat blogger partnerships and ongoing exposure

Leading blogger outreach agencies provide reporting with these types of metrics. Their analytics evaluate visibility improvements, ROI justification and overall campaign effectiveness. This level of transparency holds themselves accountable. It also helps optimize strategies for future projects.

With the right metrics tracked over time, brands gain invaluable insights into which blog networks and content formats have proven most valuable. Continuous refinement maximizes results and ROI from using blogger outreach company as a core marketing tactic.

How blogger outreach works

The process of blogger outreach sometimes can be long, tedious, and time consuming. You have to first look for relevant bloggers or journalists that publish similar content to yours (if you are a blogger), products or services. The blog or social media handle should also have a huge target audience that could ‘possibly’ resonate with your product.

Once you have a list of targeted blogs, the next thing to do is to find the blogger’s contact details and send personalised emails to them. The email pitch should be able to capture their attention; otherwise, they might treat it as spam.  If the blogger accepts your pitch, they can mention your brand and add a link to your website.

For most people, this process can be scary and intimidating, especially if you have to reach out to a market influencer who – arguably receives hundreds of emails in a week.

You can save time by hiring a guest blog outreach or link outreach services. At Eyes On Solution, we are the best at what we do because we ensure that we make the process simple. When you approach us:

  • We’ll try as much as possible to understand your goals first and your preferred blogger.
  • Once we do this, our team will send you a list of blogs with their relevant domain authorities. You are free to select the best option for your needs and budget.
  • After this, we’ll pitch our content ideas to the relevant editors.
  • Once the editors give us a go-ahead on content ideas they’d like us to write about, we’ll start creating our content. We have a team of content writers that will help us achieve this. They’ll ensure that we place keywords and links strategically within the body of the article.
  • We’ll then publish the content.

Best blogger outreach service

If you are looking for the best outreach services, here are some of the things you should consider:

  • You should consider their experience in the field
  • What do other clients say about their services?
  •  The DA of the websites in their inventory
  • Who will craft your content – you or their team of content writers?
  • How much time will it take to publish your article?
  • How affordable are their services, especially if you want custom outreach?
  • Do they offer monthly packages?
blogger outreach service
About EyesOnSolution Blogger Outreach Service

About EyesOnSolution Blogger Outreach Service

Besides providing high quality blogger outreach guest posts and services, we are a full-service internet marketing and digital agency that offers businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs high quality online solutions.

We have been in this industry for over 10 years now, and we take satisfaction in offering a wide variety of services including:

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If you are targeting an audience from specific countries, don’t worry. We have been able to build strong relationships with bloggers and journalists that have audiences from specific regions and countries across the world. And we promise that we’ll target websites that have a high domain authority.

We have a team of competent content writers that will deliver blog posts within a quick turnaround. You can also write the content and we’ll publish it in your preferred blogs.

Yes it does work. It’s an effective marketing strategy that can increase your brand visibility by up to 70%.


Guest posting is a type of blogger outreach where a business or blogger creates content to be published on another website. The content will have a link back to their site to attract organic traffic.

On the other hand, blogger outreach is the process of reaching out to market influencers, bloggers, and journalists with the goal of building valuable relationships, increasing brand awareness, promoting new content, products, and services.


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