Top Content Formats To Boost Your Marketing Plan

Suppose you want to keep your readers' attention. In that case, you should consider generating as many types and formats of content as possible. We will talk about Top Content Formats To Boost Your Marketing Plan.

Suppose you want to keep your readers’ attention. In that case, you should consider generating as many types and formats of quality content as possible, not only to generate engagement through a guest blog post but also on social media and other channels.

With this, I do not mean that you should lose your mind creating thousands of content in all kinds of formats for your content plan. But that you do not limit yourself only to plain text and experiment with other options because I assure you that you will achieve better results. In other words, your new visitors/followers will be here to stay.

Types of formats that you can easily generate

Now, we are going to make a classification of the formats that generate the most impact on the Internet to inspire you to create irresistible content for your audience. And thus, boost your content plan, gain visibility and increase the reputation of your brand to build loyalty and get new customers.

Audiovisual Content:

Visual content is what is generating the most interest in Internet users. And they are also the ones that position the most.

To start your strategy with visual content, we advise you to open your own YouTube channel and upload your videos there. Then, you can share it on your blog or social networks.

In addition, another format that is working very well is Instagram Stories. So don’t hesitate any longer and have a presence on this social network. And don’t forget to strategically plan what types of content can work in your stories.

Within the audiovisual content, we highlight:

  1. Interviews

You can conduct interviews with colleagues in your sector to give your community a fresh new look at a topic or even to motivate them to achieve something.

  1. Vlogs

Remember that a vlog is a blog that shares its content in video format. Typically, vloggers use YouTube to upload their visual content. And the topics are very varied. They can range from tutorials on hairstyles and makeup to a marketing theme.

  1. Video tutorials

This is one of the top today. When someone is at home or at work and has a question, after Google, where do they go to solve their doubt?

YouTube is the second most powerful search engine. And most users turn to it to find a video tutorial on how to solve their problems.

Text Content:

The text is and always will be the format that always accompanies our content. And the key is that you know how to convey the main message to the right audience. Because if your buyer is not there, you will simply be wasting your time.

In addition, you must take into account some SEO tips so that this content is attractive to search engines and is positioned. In this sense, I leave you as a reminder of some of the most relevant factors:

Within this typology or content format, we can classify different categories of articles. Here I am going to expose 7 in particular:

  1. Research Articles

This type of format is used if you are an expert on a topic or have experience in a subject, with the aim of providing valuable information to the reader and thus increasing your reputation as an expert on that topic.

In fact, your readers will want to know your opinion on that topic. For example, if you talk about a social network in a post, your readers will like to know how you take advantage of that social network in your strategy to get new clients.

Therefore, you will need to do extensive research to write an article that talks about that tool and your experience with it.

  1. Success Stories

Readers love to hear the opinion or experiences of other customers who have already been through the same situation. And it is that you can not imagine how important the design of success stories can go when it comes to attracting customers.

This type of content is suitable for generating more confidence among your readers, using storytelling as a resource to empathize with the audience.

  1. Resolutive Articles or To Achieve a Goal

Think that your readers always read you because they have a problem and want to find a solution. Therefore, an article that explains step by step how to solve something or how to achieve something that they have been trying for a long time will be a gift for your reader.

These types of posts usually answer the most frequently asked questions of your audience. And they tend to have a lot of searches, so if your post is well optimized, you can attract a lot of traffic.

  1. Articles to Define a Concept

It is a type of content that someone can use to define a specific concept in a simple, understandable way for everyone. And the goal with this type of format is to make your audience aware that they have a problem and that they can find a solution with you.

  1. Articles to define Products and Services

Many times, your audience does not know which product to opt for. And creating a comparative post between two products can be decisive in helping them choose one.

In this type of post, it is key that you clearly point out the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages, helping your audience to form an opinion.

  1. Article about how to do something

These articles are related to the most frequent searches of your audience. So they will provide valuable content.

They can be structured with a list of tips or steps since. In addition to informing, the reader expects you to guide him step by step to successfully achieve what he wants.

  1. Informative or Novel Articles

These contents expire over time, so it would be good if you create it thinking of updating it when necessary.

Graphic Content:

This is another type of content that is generating more engagement in the audience. Since, with a graphic, you can understand the entire message you want to convey without having to read a text.

Graphs help to understand complex ideas easily and also allow you to visualize data more schematically.

There are many types of graphic content, and the most used are:

  1. Graphics

When you give a lot of figures in a post, one way for the reader to digest them faster is with the use of graphics. In this way, they assimilate the information better.

  1. Infographics

If you have the need to specify your message because you doubt if your audience understands it because it is something complex, you should try and design an infographic to see the impact it has on your audience.

These tend to work very well on social networks, generate a lot of interaction and have the possibility of going viral quickly.

  1. Image galleries

Here you can use, for example, Pinterest, where you can collect collections and create boards with content related to your topic, and that is of value to your audience.

You can include these boards in your posts to explain a related topic, show success stories from other brands, or simply to add value.

Interactive Content:

This allows interaction with the user in real-time, maintaining a dialogue with your audience.

Today, this is one of the ones that generate the most interaction since the public wants to feel part of their community and give their opinion.

There is a multitude of interactive content, from memes and GIFs to tests and questions. Here are the three most prominent:

  1. Webinars

This is a very visual way to share valuable information in a concise and highly outlined way in order to leave the audience wanting more after attending a free webinar.

Including streaming videos can give your content marketing strategy the fresh air that you need. Tools like Facebook Live or Periscope are the most used for this purpose.

  1. Interactive infographics

A user will remember an interactive infographic more than a static one since it allows him to interact with it (click on an image and obtain more information, zoom, scroll or mouse over it to discover more) at the same time that he receives information.

Also, when someone has to take action to discover something, that generates curiosity and expectation, key factors to go to the next level with your audience.

  1. Ebooks and downloadable resources

Posts that offer valuable information and also give the reader the option to download an ebook, template, or another resource in exchange for filling out a form and providing us with their personal data are a fantastic idea for:

  • Increase our database and segment our audience.
  • Guide them through the sales funnel.

When designing an ebook, try not to have more than 20 pages, include graphic content and images, and use colors that are in tune with your brand. Also, do not forget to promote it on your social networks to reach more people.


Generating attractive content is the key to connecting 100% with your audience. But, what content formats are currently generating the most impact?

First of all, I recommend that you first identify what your objective is because this way, you will know what type of content to generate and in what format.

Then, create an editorial calendar where you previously define what you are going to publish on each channel; topic, format, keyword that you are going to use, and day of publication.

On the other hand, what really matters to make an impact is knowing your target audience well. A well-made infographic can work very well on a blog, but it may not have the same impact on yours.

So, you know, if you really want to get more than a like or a simple comment and influence their purchase decision in your business, you will need to stop a little longer and do tests combining textual content with visual, graphic, or interactive.

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