What Is Creative Writing vs. Content Writing?

Creative Writing vs. Content Writing:

Most of the content written professionally is either of the two main types or categories of writing. It is either content writing or creative writing. Content Writing includes stuff like guidebooks and manuals and creative writing involves writing novels, stories plays, songs, poems, etc. 

Main Differences Between Creative Writing vs. Content Writing:

Creative content writing permits you to use your artistic freedom. You can write nonfiction and fiction which are created by your mind and has nothing to do with reality. Content Writing on the other hand is not fictional and is based on true information. 

The other big difference is the capability of creative writing to serve as a piece of entertainment. As it is creative in both fiction and nonfiction type. Content Writing mostly severs as a piece of information. 

There are cases when creative writing can work as a source of information as well. Like biographies are creative and informative at the same time. With topics of creative writing, everyone has different points of view about the same things. There are different narrative voices in this type of writing. 

Underlying stories and deep themes are another strong point of creative writing which you don’t see in Creative Content Writing. A creative writer is an artist who uses their creativity and skill in language, character development, and storytelling. While a content writer writes in clear words without any hidden meaning or underlying themes. As the goal is to help the reader understand things as quickly as possible. 

Which type of Writing fits you Best? Creative or Content Writing:

A person who has never researched the term writing does not know that it is a vast field. With types and further categories, it is more than just a general area of work. But when you study the difference even between only two main categories of Writing Ie Content And Creative Writing. You can see that they are two distinct disciplines. And, a person that can write one of them perfectly might not be a master of the other. 

You might be thinking about which one is the right one for you. To answer the questions you need to consider what you have always been interested in. People might keep telling you that a writer can write every aspect of writing but it is not true. A copywriter is not a good poet and a lyrics writer is not a good novelist. Similarly, a creative writer will not always be good at content writing and vice versa. 

Elements of creative writing are very different from those of the other types. Learn the differences between the types of writing carefully and you’ll be able to see which one suits you the best.

Further Discussion on Creative and Content Writing:

At first, a person might think that both content and creative writing are just writings. And any writer can do both of them. But when you study the factors that make these writings so different from each other you’ll understand. They are two different categories with only a few similarities. Here are some of the main differences between the two types of writing:

  • Creative writing is for the expression of emotions, Entertainment, and stimulating thoughts. While writing content is for information and attracting the reader to get and measure the required outcome. 
  • Creative writing is floral, exaggerated, and written for leisure while content writing is to the point. 
  • Some types of creative writing take even months and years to write while content writing is mostly demanded in days. 
  • Creative writing is used in books, e-books, novels, and special online sites. While different types of content writing are available everywhere online, on Websites, on social media sites, etc.


Creative and content writing are two greatly different categories of writing. Though there have some similarities and both are kinds of writing still they are different. You can not expect someone good at content writing to be a good creative writer. Learn the differences between the two types. And you would be able to see how they are not “just general writing” which any writer can do. Do not expect a songwriter to be good at article writing and don’t ask a story writer to write you a poem.

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