5 Must-Have Digital Marketing Platforms

Ask any successful company what technology they use on a daily basis, and we guarantee that the majority will respond that their digital marketing platforms support all of their marketing initiatives and are a key factor in their success.

The majority of the world’s best digital marketing platforms have one thing in common: they automate marketing in some fashion and streamline procedures. The outcome? a quick-thinking marketing team with a clear understanding of marketing ROI and consumer experiences.

What are Digital Marketing Platforms?

Depending on what they offer, marketing platforms can be used for a variety of marketing activities, from social media and email marketing to lead management and scoring.  There are numerous sorts of digital marketing platforms, each with a different focus and set of capabilities, while many share some elements.

How can you choose which marketing channel is best for you? The least it should do is:

  • Make your marketing tasks automated
  • Organize your separate workstations
  • Encourage effective team interactions, communications, and communication
  • Have global visibility so your team can see every marketing initiative your company takes in one location
  • Utilize automation and robust analytics to monitor sales and progress

One-stop CRM

These marketing platforms include a complete CRM platform where you can automate your marketing, guest posting, manage your contacts, and perform other tasks.

  • HubSpot
  • ActiveCampaign

Marketing Activities and Automation 

These marketing platforms may not have an internal CRM, but they do offer marketing automation capabilities. But the majority of these platforms let you connect to your CRM.

  • Marketo
  • SharpSpring
  • Pardot
  • Act-on

Marketing Operations

These platforms work in conjunction with your current MarTech stack (whether it be an all-in-one CRM or marketing automation) and organize your data to help you be more productive and complete marketing campaigns more quickly.

  • TrueNorth

Digital marketing platforms streamline marketing tasks and assist you in being organized and productive so you may expand more quickly and maximize your marketing budget. Eight of the greatest marketing automation platforms will be discussed, along with their standout attributes and ownership costs.


It’s no longer necessary to manage marketing using numerous spreadsheets, dashboards, and Trello boards. To help you find the answers to crucial questions, such as what is working, TrueNorth centralizes your marketing strategy, SEO plan, and results in one location. Do we have the best strategy? Do we have a plan?

A growth marketing tool called TrueNorth is designed to assist marketing teams in becoming more goal-focused and evidence-led.

TrueNorth knows what milestones you need to reach each month to stay on track with your objective by starting with a growth prediction. Then, in order to keep on track, it enables you to automatically monitor your progress in relation to these milestones.

Digital Marketing Platforms (Active Campaign)

By automating the customer journey from lead through retention and beyond, ActiveCampaign focuses on assisting small businesses in providing outstanding customer experiences. Despite the fact that ActiveCampaign initially rose to prominence as an email automation tool, it has since evolved into a comprehensive CRM with features that go far beyond just email capabilities.

The automation builder offered by ActiveCampaign is user-friendly and simple enough to enable even the least technically savvy marketer to develop automations. Additionally, the platform provides what they refer to as automation workflow recipes (templates) that you may use as a base to construct and modify your automated processes.


Marketo is a one of well-known digital marketing platforms that can accommodate both small and large enterprises as well as those looking to scale. Although it offers many various automation features and functions, unlike ActiveCampaign, it is not a comprehensive CRM.

Marketo, a current leader in the field, takes pride in assisting marketers in engaging with prospects from acquisition through advocacy.

Marketo’s AI-powered (Adobe Sensei) audience segmentation, lookalike audiences, and analytics are some of its standout features. With Marketo’s predictive intelligence, you can pinpoint the ideal audience to maximize conversions and then duplicate past campaign successes in the future.


The straightforward marketing automation platform VBOUT serves companies of all sizes and sorts. Similar to Marketo, it provides a comprehensive set of marketing capabilities, including landing pages, lead generation, and management of leads.

The email marketing features of VBOUT include the generation of dynamic emails and personalized messaging (through merge tags). For particular events, you can add animated GIFs and countdowns, for instance. A workflow can be automated based on specific triggers tied to a lead’s score, behavior, or progress, and you can also manage email cadence and delivery.  


HubSpot is a CRM and one of the digital marketing platforms that serves companies of all sizes, similar to ActiveCampaign. It provides a number of extra products or “hubs” so that companies can pick the services they require. Blogger outreach is a modern way to reach potential clients.

What HubSpot offers:

  • Marketing Center
  • Sales Center
  • Service Center
  • Hub CMS

Each Hub has a monthly fee and a maximum number of contacts.

Additionally, HubSpot is well-known for its free, if constrained plan, which offers a good number of fundamental sales, marketing, and customer support functions as well as the chance for you to trial the platform before you buy.

A form and landing page builder, email marketing, account-based marketing, social media management, lead and ad tracking and management, and other features are available through HubSpot’s Marketing Hub. For your website to draw in more leads and increase lead conversion, HubSpot also provides video hosting and a live chatbot.


Modern organizations must choose the best digital marketing platforms in order to achieve operational efficiency and marketing success. Five platforms are a must-have: TrueNorth, ActiveCampaign, Marketo, VBOUT, and HubSpot. They provide a variety of capabilities for automating processes, managing data, and improving customer experiences. 

Whether you need an extensive CRM or marketing automation, these solutions serve firms of all sizes, providing useful insights and facilitating evidence-based marketing plans capabilities. Investing in these platforms is essential for maintaining competition and effectively attaining marketing objectives in the fast-paced digital environment of today. Discover the top 5 essential digital marketing platforms for automating, organizing, and boosting your marketing success.

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