Digital Marketing Tips to Get Maximum from Instagram

Among all the social media platforms, Instagram has captured around 70% of users. Around 5 million users log in to this photo-sharing app daily. So, for a business that wants to be on top in terms of sales and followers then there is nothing better than Instagram among all the social media sites. If done rightly, any business can capture millions of targeted customers from this single social media platform. Most people think that Instagram is just an app to share photos and daily life stories, but in fact, its concept is broader than this from a business point of view. Here in this article, We will talk about a few Instagram Hacks that can be helpful for any kind of online business, especially for eCommerce. Let’s have a look at the below-discussed points for the same purpose.

Find and Use Hashtags Wisely

On social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, the use of #tags in a wise manner always brings maximum results. For a digital marketing expert, the value of tags is not hidden. These hashtags help in capturing an instant boost to the shared content on social media websites like Instagram. Using hashtags wisely needs thorough research and analysis of your customers. Look what your competitors are doing and start doing better than them (don’t copy their style, be unique, and be more confident). There are also some websites where you can find sources for generating hashtags relevant to your focused post.

Be careful while writing captions

A caption on Instagram is the most important thing for customer attraction. This is the first thing that gets noticed on Instagram and in fact on any platform. A good image with a useless caption is just a waste. You need to work hard on every element before sharing a post.
These things should be in your captions:

  • It should be relevant to the post you want to share 
  • It should be clear of grammatical and spelling mistakes
  • A caption should be short and precise 
  • Try to use keywords in the title
  • Don’t use more than five hashtags with a single post

Design is an Important Element in Instagram Marketing

A picture says a thousand words and on Instagram, it is more important to focus on design and creating catchy content. You need to do proper planning and draw sketches before finalizing the output. You need to look at several things which include:
Hire a professional designer or do it yourself

  • Set one common design for all posts
  • Be consistent in terms of designing
  • Try to publish content regularly

The focus should be on Brand

Most of the time businesses share lots of irrelevant content on their official Instagram profile which is not a good thing in terms of business improvements. It looks like a personal profile rather than a professional profile. If the purpose of your profile is to gain more and more customers then stick to it and don’t go anywhere else. An Instagram account with the main focus on mobile cases should share things relevant to mobiles and not relevant to fashion and styling and vice versa.


Hopefully, these points were useful for you. To conclude the topic, we must say that a digital marketing expert should look for maximum opportunities to make a business successful. Digital Marketing is not only working with search engines and display ads, but it is broader that also includes social media marketing.

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