How to Choose the Best site for Guest Post Placement

Stick through this article until the end and you will be able to find the best site for your guest post placement.

1. Determine Your Guest Posting Goals

The first task is to determine the right kind of blog for guest posting.

  • The main goal of guest posting is:
  • To build backlinks for your website
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Getting people to know about your company and brand and positioning yourself as a well-known name in the market.

If you want to do all of these three things, all you need is the right content on the top blogs.

If your goal is to build backlinks for your website, you need to find blogs with persuasive domain authority and do-follow blog posting sites.

Do follow blog posting sites helps you in generating sufficient and real do follow backlinks for your website If you want to accomplish either goal number 2 or 3. The guest post placement should be done on a blog or site with excellent and engaged traffic.

2. Try to find Relevant Websites or Blogs.

When you are looking for a website for guest posting, you should always find a site relevant to your niche or company.

For instance, if you have a health insurance company, the best website for your guest post would be the one that is based on the health niche.

Try to find a site with an engaged readership and whose audience you think will be interested in your company.

1. Keyword Research

So now, the question is, how are we going to find the best relevant site or blog for guest post-placement?

The answer is Google.

You can put a bunch of keywords in the google search bar to find out the relevant do-follow blog posting sites which accept guest posts.

Try using the following keywords.

Niche “guest post.”

Niche “submit a guest post.”

Niche “accepting guest posts.”

Niche “guest post by”

Niche “guest post guidelines.”

Just replace the word “niche with your company’s niche, for the number one search would go like “Health guest post.”

2. Find your Competitor Backlinks.

Always look out for your competitors. Another best way to find out the do-follow blog posting sites is to analyze your competitor’s backlinks. There are chances that your competitor may have backlinks for guest posting websites.

So now, how will you do your competitor’s backlink analysis?

We are suggesting two different ways here.

Google search for link: “guest post” (replacing with your competitor’s domain) will reveal sites that a competitor has written for.

You can use tools like Alexa, Moz PRO, Semrush, and open site explorer.

3. Use MyBlogGuest

My Blog Guest is a community of guest bloggers. You can Sign up there for free and search for websites or do-follow blogs that are accepting guest posts. You can also post your information that says you are looking to write guest posts on a particular topic so blog owners can find you.

3. Get to know about the Website

Now, after choosing the relevant site, what’s the next step?

The next step is to open up that site to arrange the content for your guest post. But what type of content are you going to write? Is any kind of content acceptable? No!

You have to know about your targeted website content, what type, and the level of audience they are writing for. What kind of content do they write? Who are the bloggers? How do they do a guest post? Which guest post is performing best?

After doing all this research, you will be clear about the website guest post policy.

4. How to Submit a Great Guest Post

You may be thinking that’s not a question; you always have to submit your best content, whether for your blog or guest post.

Well, it depends on the quality of the website or blog you are posting your content to.

You have to flow with the flow. Format your guest post like the ones on the site like if the blog has nothing but 1000+ word posts with lots of images, then your post should be similar to them.

Or If the format of guest posting on the blog is 500 words or less with only one image, then your posts should be similar to them again.

Furthermore, you can Include Internal and Source Links, and a call to action for comments.

Or if you have no idea how to do it, you can use online guest posting services one of the best do-follow guest posting services is EyesOnSolution; they will take care of all your guest posting needs.

5. Best Times to Submit a Guest Post

You are not always going to have the golden opportunity to submit a guest post, but you can take advantage of certain things. Some of them are mentioned below.

Mentions you in their Post

You can always submit your guest post when the blog mentions you in one of their posts, either on the blog or on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Guest post Advertisement

Try to submit a guest post when the website is looking for it.

List your Business

When the blog lists your business or your product in one of its posts, you should go for a guest posting.

Blog Publish Guest post

One of the best times is when the blog publishes another guest post.

Now, we have provided all the ways to choose the best site for guest post-placement. Follow these steps and let us know if you find them beneficial.

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