How Bloggers and Content Writers Are Using AI (with Real Examples)

How Bloggers and Content Writers Are Using AI

The world of blogging and content writing is being transformed by artificial intelligence (AI). New AI tools are enabling bloggers and writers to save significant time on key parts of the content creation process – from ideation to drafting and editing.

At the same time, AI is allowing bloggers to improve their content quality and boost engagement. For independent bloggers with limited budgets, this can really help them punch above their weight and compete with larger publishers.

Let’s explore exactly how bloggers are utilizing AI tools, with real examples of the results they have achieved.

Why Use AI for Content?

For bloggers and solo content writers, creating high-quality written content that ranks well in search engines is hugely time and effort-intensive.

Tasks such as:

  • Researching post topics ideas
  • Crafting initial outlines/drafts
  • Proofreading and editing

Can eat up hours each week – time that could be better spent on higher-value tasks like audience-building.

This is where AI content generation tools come in very handy:

  • They save time on repetitive or mechanical writing tasks
  • This enables bloggers to increase their content output considerably
  • More content = more traffic and engagement over time
  • It also allows focus on promoting content effectively through blogger outreach services rather than just the creation
  • The cost savings are also considerable – with AI tools available for free or at very affordable monthly prices – unlike hiring human writers.

For independent/solo bloggers without big teams behind them, AI can really level the playing field when competing for attention against larger publishing platforms.

Next, let’s look at specific examples of how bloggers are putting these AI tools into action.

Key Ways Bloggers Are Utilizing AI Content Tools

Key Ways Bloggers Are Utilizing AI Content Tools

Bloggers are tapping into artificial intelligence capabilities in 3 key stages of the content creation process:

Research and Content Ideas

Coming up with what to write about is hugely important. Interesting, original ideas that readers actually want to know about are not always easy to generate week after week!

AI tools like and Jarvis help suggest:

  • Related secondary keywords to consider around main topics
  • Specific creative angles to approach those keywords
  • Links to relevant data sources to underpin topics

This information all provides spark ideas for great new posts in minutes without needing to spend hours researching.

For example men’s lifestyle blogger Mike used Jarvis for research around buyer guides and product reviews:

“I gave Jarvis a high-level prompt on ‘best blue light glasses under $50’ and it returned amazingly detailed output highlighting products to feature with pros/cons of each as an initial framework.”

This enabled Mike to then take that framework and flesh our much more valuable original commentary and analysis tailored to his audience. But the AI kickstarted the process effectively.

Drafting and Writing Assistance

The actual writing process is where AI can provide the most dramatic time savings:

Tools like allow submitting a high-level post title or topic prompt and will automatically generate an initial draft outline for it, including:

  • Suggested H2 and H3 subheadings
  • Body text for each section
  • Recap sentences
  • Calls to action
  • Related questions for readers

Rather than staring at a blank page, the writer already has an initial framework to then tailor to their audience and refine the messaging. isn’t so advanced regarding the actual readability of its auto-generated text. So for further time savings on this bloggers are utilizing more advanced natural language models like Jarvis by Anthropic and Grammarly.


Grammarly isn’t auto-generating content but once text is drafted it will significantly improve the readability and impact by correcting grammar and spelling plus suggesting alternative vocabulary and punctuation.

This enables producing very clean, professional copy much faster. Any writer knows how long the editing process takes so this automation speeds everything up.

Brazilian travel blogger Amanda explains:

“I use Grammarly for every single blog post I write and estimate it saves me at least 20-30 mins per post in revisions. Over a year that extra time really adds up!”

Editing and Proofreading

The last essential content step is refining and perfecting it – eliminating grammar/spelling errors, enhancing readability, confirming messaging aligns to audience.

This editing and proofreading process is hugely time consuming. Multiple reviews are needed to catch all issues. AI to the rescue again!

Grammarly again

As mentioned earlier for writing assistance, Grammarly also excels at proofreading and editing.

It provides essential grammar, punctuation and syntax corrections. Plus vocabulary enhancement suggestions to improve readability. This

And it has really helped me enhance my content quality while saving a ton of proofreading time – about 90 mins per blog post!”

Other writers using the free Grammarly browser extension echo similar experiences:

“It catches so many issues I wouldn’t manually spot even after multiple revisions. My posts are way cleaner and professional thanks to Grammarly.”

“As a full-time working mom also blogging, I have minimal time each week for revisions. Grammarly allows me to publish still professional content that I’m proud of.”

Grammarly makes error-free, highly readable content achievable even on tight schedules and budgets.

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AI content creation has arrived and intelligent tools like Jarvis and are already demonstrating tremendous value in saving bloggers time while enabling higher quality and quantity of posts.

We see from real-world examples the measurable impact bloggers are gaining from streamlining ideation and draft writing. Output grows exponentially while plagiarism and readability are improved through AI assistance.

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