How Bloggers Can Use AI Tools to Create Content 3x Faster in 2024

How Bloggers Can Use AI Tools to Create Content 3x Faster in 2024

In 2024, artificial intelligence (AI) tools offer an immense opportunity for guest post & blogger outreach service and content writers to create high-quality content faster than ever before. As AI technology advances rapidly, writers now have access to advanced software to help ideate, outline, write, edit, and optimize blogs and other content.

With the best AI writing assistants, bloggers can triple their content output and grow their blogs exponentially this year. This article explores what AI is, how writers already use it, the top 10 AI writing tools to try in 2024, and why leveraging this technology could be the key to skyrocketing blog growth.

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

Artificial intelligence refers to computer systems or machines that are designed to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. This includes visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, language translation, and more. Essentially, AI allows machines to mimic cognitive functions like learning and problem-solving.

AI vs Human Intelligence

AI is not the same as human intelligence. The most advanced AI today is referred to as narrow or weak AI. This means AI can outperform humans in specific, narrow tasks by crunching data and recognizing patterns. However, AI still does not possess general, adaptable intelligence like humans. It cannot innovate entirely new ideas or handle complex, creative work consistently at the same competency level as people.

That is why most expert content writers leverage AI as an assistant rather than trying to fully automate writing. The symbiotic relationship between people and narrow AI produces the best results.

How Bloggers and Content Writers Are Using AI (with Real Examples)

How Bloggers and Content Writers Are Using AI (with Real Examples)

When we talk about guest post & blogger outreach service, writers are tapping into AI in a variety of ways to enhance productivity. Some examples include:

Writing Blog Posts

AI writing tools empower bloggers to produce complete blog post drafts in just minutes by having the software generate an outline and initial copy. The blogger then edits the draft to perfection. This allows them to create 5-10X more articles than writing manually.

Creating Video Scripts

Using AI tools to transcribe recorded audio and video content, then turning transcripts into scripts with minimal editing required. This makes creating scripts for Youtube videos, podcasts, courses and more drastically faster.

Optimizing for SEO

AI can research keywords, analyze content, suggest relevant topic ideas, and rewrite posts to target chosen keywords better. This on-page optimization helps attract more organic traffic.

Generating Ideas

Bloggers use AI content ideation tools to effortlessly brainstorm fresh angles on any topic to write about. This alleviates the stress of coming up with what to blog about next.

10 Best AI Blogging Tools to Try (in 2024)

10 Best AI Blogging Tools to Try (in 2024)

Here are 10 AI writing assistants and content tools I recommend guest post & blogger outreach service providers to explore and utilize this year to accelerate content creation:

Tool 1 – Jasper

Jasper is an AI writer that creates detailed blog posts in any niche quickly. It asks probing questions then outputs custom-written drafts to inspire and accelerate your writing process.

Tool 2 – is a powerful AI assistant focused solely on quickly generating marketing copy and blog posts that convert readers into buyers.

Tool 3 – is a talented AI writer skilled at writing long-form blog posts, emails, social media captions, and more personalized copy in a human tone.

Tool 4 – INK

INK writes high-quality blog posts based on a topic, keywords, intent, and tone parameters you define so the content always aligns with your brand.

Tool 5 – Shortly AI

Shortly’s AI summarization feature lets you input a blog post or article link, then it outputs a shorter summarized version retaining key facts. Perfect for repurposing content.

Tool 6 – Rytr

Rytr AI asks thought-provoking questions then writes full-length, original blog articles that read professionally. It even suggests related images.

Tool 7 – WordAI

WordAI automatically rewrites and spins existing articles into completely new pieces with similar meaning but different wording. This protects against plagiarism.

Tool 8 – BlogWriter

BlogWriter is a customizable AI blog writer that generates posts tailored to your audience’s needs, interests, and search intent data.

Tool 9 – Content Bot

Content Bot is an AI assistant inside Google Docs that suggests relevant points to add to blogs and other docs as you write by analyzing context.

Tool 10 – Writesonic

Writesonic quickly generates product description copy, email sequences, social posts, website content and more personalized for your business.

Could AI Tools be a Key to Growing Your Blog Faster?

Could AI Tools be a Key to Growing Your Blog Faster?

The short answer is yes. By allowing AI tools to eliminate the most difficult parts of content creation, quality blogger outreach service providers can reallocate that saved time into higher priority tasks that move the needle in blog growth and monetization.

Producing More Content

More content directly enables more traffic, subscribers, links, and social shares. AI makes scaling content production extremely viable.

Gaining Leverage

Delegating rote writing tasks to AI gives bloggers leverage to pursue income-generating opportunities using the freed-up bandwidth.

Staying Consistent

Maintaining a consistent publishing calendar is vital for loyalty. AI empowers unwavering consistency even during busy periods by automating content.


What is the best free AI writing tool?

While many powerful AI writing tools offer free trials, the best free option is Shortly AI’s summarization tool. It lets you input an existing article and get an automatic condensed summary.

Can AI really write a complete blog post?

Yes, AI programs like Jasper and can take basic prompts and research then autonomously write full-length, cohesive blog articles on any topic with natural language. The posts still require human editing for best results, but the heavy lifting of writing is done by AI.

How qualified is AI article writing?

It depends vastly on which AI tool. While no artificial intelligence today yields Pulitzer-worthy thought pieces without significant human guidance, tools like Rytr, and BlogWriter can compose well-structured, creative blog drafts on a level comparable to intermediate human writers that capture readers’ interest.

Is AI content better for SEO?

Content written by AI tools specifically optimized for SEO integrates relevant keywords and high-value information search engines value more reliably than the average human writer on their own


In closing, AI writing tools present a monumental opportunity for bloggers to publish more high-performing content in far less time this year. Combining AI’s raw speed and skill with human creativity, strategy, and editing allows blogger outreach services to grow their influence exponentially. While AI will never fully replace the artistry of blogging, smart implementation of the right complementary tools can undoubtedly lead any blog to the next level.

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