How to Start Content Writing Business

Globalization of the world has brought everything to the internet and internet users communicate with each other through written language. This emerges the demand of content writers.

Writing is the art of managing and organizing the spontaneous flow of thoughts. If you are good at it with alluring diction, sound expression, and solid syntax then you have a spark to become a content writer because these are basic content writing skills.

Despite possessing the characteristics of a potential content writer if you are confused about how to start content writing business then don’t worry we have EyesOnSolution for you in this regard.

Starting with everything is difficult and so is stepping into this domain. This article will provide you with the awareness of establishing your content writing business. The following plan is designed to answer your query “How to start a content writing business”.

1. Self Exploration:

Knowing yourself, your strengths, and what and where you can do best is a job half done. Content Writing is a field of vast dimensions and domains. One cannot be equally good at all the niches.

So what you have to do is an exploration of yourself. Ask questions to yourself about your writing style and suitability factor. Make a list of all those niches in which you are interested and your writing quality allows you to work on them. Prioritize these niches based on the interest and command level.

This will be extremely helpful in the context that you will not get confused once you officially enter your business circle. Knowing yourself is the basic homework before starting a content writing business.

2. Proceeding’s Outline:

It is always good to have a base for building something upon. Before starting a business a rough sketch, outline or framework will provide you with a path to follow without being stray here or there.

Plan your thoughts on where you are going to start, how you will advertise yourself in the market flooded with content writers, how you will gain clients, and most importantly what will be your maiden financial demand.

Answering these questions will put you in a position to start a content writing business. This will pave the way for you to achieve the goals you have set in accordance with the thought “How to start a Content Writing Business”.

3. Know the Market:

Your content writing business is entirely going to depend upon your skills. Observing the market in which you are going to start your business will help you in a better deepening of your roots.

Think like a client or buyer of different professions and what their needs are, whether they are app developers, online sellers, or blog post authority. Try to meet their requirements with your skills, not compromising on your strengths and skills.

Knowing the market demand will provide you with quality insight through which you can see the long-term future of yourself as a content writer. Evaluate what other content writers business persons are providing and in which sphere of the writing market is lacking quality writers.

4) Establish a Successful Financial Strategy:

Whether your content writing business is related to guest posting or blogger outreach, you must make some strategies before starting it. Every business today requires finance whether it’s a small amount or large. Even content writing today has become one of the best fields and some people are earning without any finance on their backs. Do you think they can expand their business then? 

In the content writing business, your finance is a website, social media accounts, or maybe some advertisement. But, a website is an important thing to get more buyers for your content. You can make your offers on the website related to blogging, article writing, content marketing, or link building. It will not only help you to have more customers but you can have a successful team working with you. 

5) Launch your Website:

It is important that now you create your very own website with excellent packages for your customers. Give them offers, and discounts as you have just started your business. If you have one or more colleagues, who do web design or graphic work, you can get them on board as well. It will help you to expand your work other than guest posting or link building. 

You can use any of the platforms you like. It could be a WordPress or a custom site as well. But, WordPress is preferred because it provides a much better user experience and it is easy to use. Now, you must also have a company email as well in which your customers can contact you easily. 

6) Forums to Start your Business:

While you are working on creating a website for customers you can start on other forums as well. Now you might ask what are the opportunities, what are the forums, and what are their pros and cons.

The basic forums from where you can start showcasing your content writing skills are social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. You can join Facebook groups related to content writing. People from all over the country post their demands on these groups in order to find a perfect match for their requirements.

Look for the clients here, and try to engage them in long-term relationships that will help you in the practical polishing of your skills. Completing projects for the clients here will add value to your portfolio and resume.

Your earning in this marketplace will be limited to your native currency because almost all of your clients will be your country mates. Be aware of the scammers here.

Advance to Freelance marketplaces only if you have sufficient projects credited to your name. These are highly professional and competitive marketplaces where setting up your content writing business with no previous exposure will not going to provide you with any good or fruit.

Fiverr, Upwork,, and Peopleperhour are the platforms for your business to grow only if you have sample works and experience to back your skills. You have to make an extensive profile here to register the tour business.

These marketplaces will enhance your financial income as there are bright chances of getting international clients. You will be paid internationally in the recognized world currency i-e dollars. Read the Terms and Services of the marketplace in which you are going to start your business for a better success rate.

7)   Expand your Business:

After properly going through all the steps, what you need to do next is the expansion of your business. You are getting clients regularly on international freelance marketplaces. The workload is increasing and going beyond your deliverance limit.

This is the time to gear up your business by hiring salary or project b based content writers from social media platforms to share your workload. This will increase the pace of your order delivery and will allow you to take more orders which eventually will increase your revenue.

By just utilizing your content writing skills, at this point, you will be running a successful content writing business with people working under your command.  

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