Top Inbound Marketing Trends For SEO in 2022

Inbound marketing is a great way to connect to your target audience by helping them with helpful content. You can make a long-term relationship with them by providing valuable content that matches their requirements. This is a passive way to connect with your target audience. Unlike outbound marketing, this kind of marketing will be restricted only to the required material. This strategy largely relies on SEO services as this practice helps to rank the content in the google search engine. 

When you’re relying on inbound marketing, you’ll have to find out the factors that will help you in putting your helping material in front of the right audience. Guest posting, social media marketing, finding the best customer data, and search engine optimization practices are the major factors that determine whether your efforts will prove fruitful or not. Here are some other top inbound marketing trends that you’ll find in 2022.

Major Inbound Marketing Trends in 2022

You may know that people love short content like that found on YouTube. Or in the form of shorts, on TikTok, and Instagram. The recently launched feature of Facebook, REELS, is also included in the same category. For Inbound marketing of your short vlogs, the following four major forums are the best. 

  • Facebook Reels
  • Instagram Reels
  • TikTok 
  • YouTube Shorts

About 51% of social media marketers are using this method to provide their users with the required data or content. You can use texts on the videos to tell about the brand or product. 

1- Social Media Influencing and Marketing

Social media is one of those forums where the young generation spends most of their time. Its importance can’t be denied at any age. This is also one of the major inbound marketing trends of 2022. Here are reasons why social media forums are the top trend of all ages

  • Social media is a great source of brand awareness. 
  • These forums are the economical ways to find the best target audience. 
  • Consumers’ reactions on social media are very pleasant and you can find the ideal followers easily as an influencer. 
  • You can choose any of the micro, macro, legs, or celebrity influencers categories.

2- Audio Content and Podcasts

It’s not right to say that only written material and video are the only ways to gain the maximum followers. Different forms of audio like audiobooks, google podcasts, and many others are also liked very much. Here are different approximations about the audio content’s popularity. 

  • About 66% of people love TV podcasts.
  • More than 58% of people like podcasts even on social media forums. 
  • A large number of people, about 96%, love podcasts more than newspapers. 
  • More than 74% of people love to dig into podcasts to learn something new.

3- Content is Evergreen King

Nothing can diminish the importance of unique and attractive content. Content Inbound marketing is also the top trend of 2022 due to the following reasons. 

  • Inbound content marketing is more economical than other paid marketing. 
  • You can use artificial intelligence to create content for link building (backlinks creation) and many other features.
  • Consumers can interact with their target audience easily. 

4- Mobile App Usage

Unlike computers and laptops, people love to use mobile phones for several tasks. So, building a mobile app to share your content is the best inbound marketing strategy to reach the target audience. Here are reasons for the top trend of this strategy. 

  • You can use the mobile application to deliver maximum data over there. 
  • People remain in touch with their mobile phones, so they can reach out their required data easily via a mobile application. 
  • Mobile apps will use the push notification feature to notify their users about new content that is even better than the mail notification method. 
  • Apps are user-friendly and have more options than websites. 

Other Top Inbound Marketing Strategies of 2022

Besides the above-mentioned trends, here are some more inbound marketing strategies. 

  • Sales and Marketing atomization
  • Featured snippets
  • Storytelling
  • Content segmentation
  • NFT and Cryptocurrency content
  • Artificial intelligence


If you’re in search of some new inbound marketing strategy for your next business, you can choose any of the above-mentioned trends. However, most of these trends will no longer be functional without SEO services. However, the above-mentioned trends will rule the digital market in the next business year, go for any of them.

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