Instagram Stories Tricks and Hacks (Guide Updated 2024)

Instagram Stories have quickly become a pillar of the platform. These ephemeral photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours offer brands a fun, casual way to engage their audience beyond the main feed. 

When used strategically, Instagram Stories open up immense creative storytelling potential thanks to built-in interactivity. This allows you to not only express yourself more personally, but gather valuable follower insights to boot. The temporary nature of Stories creates a must-see sense of urgency. 

Like Snapchat, they tap into the cultural zeitgeist of living in the moment. Followers can’t help but feel compelled to check Stories right away before they vanish, which drives addiction-like engagement.

Why Use Instagram Stories?

Stories have several key advantages over regular Instagram posts:

  • More casual sharing without clogging up main feed
  • Higher engagement rates and views
  • Creative tools like stickers, drawings and interactive features
  • Ability to check who viewed each story

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Creative Tools for Stories

Instagram offers a variety of built-in creative tools exclusively for Stories to make your content stand out.

Drawing and Text Tools

Add your own doodles, handwriting, or text captions using the drawing and text tools. Customize color, size, and shape for added personality.

Sticker Tools

Choose from an expansive library of animated stickers, emojis, interactive polls and more to engage viewers. Location stickers can pinpoint your current spot.

Augmented Reality Effects

Make your stories more playful and immersive with face filters, interactive effects, and other augmented reality tools popularized by Snapchat.

Interactive Polls and Emojis

Pose questions to gather feedback via a quick yes/no poll slider. Or encourage viewers to react to each story slide with custom emoji sliders.

Optimizing Your Story Content

Follow these pro tips for creating standout stories that followers obsess over:

Using Popular Music and Trends

Stay on top of the latest viral sounds, songs and memes that are trending culturally. This helps your content feel current and exciting.

Using Hashtags

Strategically include relevant hashtags so your stories appear across different niche communities when users search these tags. More potential reach and engagement!

Maximizing Views with Tags

You can “tag” other Instagram accounts in your story which then show up on that account’s page. A savvy way to get more eyes on your content.

Cross-Promoting with Feed

Tease upcoming stories with intriguing captions in your permanent Instagram feed posts. Remind followers to check your story for more!

Advanced Editing Tricks

Take stories to the next level with slick editing enhancements using special apps like Boomerang, Layout or Superzoom.

Boomerang for GIFs

This app stitches together a mini video from a quick burst of photos to create clever animated GIFs perfect for Stories.

Hands-Free Recording

Apps like Rotato can film first-person video hands-free without someone needing to hold the camera. Great for action shots!

Layout for Photo Collages

Easily arrange multiple photos into creative split-screen or grid collage layouts using this Instagram-owned collage app.

Superzoom for Dramatic Videos

Add drama to videos by using “Superzoom” to smoothly zoom in tighter on subjects like people or products. Slick cinematic effect!

Extra Tips for Standout Stories

Go above and beyond with these additional ideas for next-level Instagram Stories.

Theming Your Content

Strategically organize stories into thematic bundles like “Foodie Fridays” or “Workout Wednesdays” so followers know what to expect.

Shooting Vertical Video

Always film stories holding phone vertically to maximize full-screen viewing area. Vertical is optimized for mobile!

Using Countdowns and Live Video

Build anticipation with 24 hour countdowns to a product launch or event. Go LIVE to reveal exciting news as it happens in real time. Followers love the spontaneity!

Measuring Story Performance

Keep tabs on key metrics to optimize engagement:

Checking Viewer Retention

See the exact percentage of people who viewed each story slide before dropping off. Identify the most popular parts of the story.

Monitoring Replies and Reactions

Gauge responses by swiping up to view who reacted with emojis or messaged you about each slide. Pay attention to message themes.

Driving Traffic to Website

Add “Swipe Up” links to drive followers from Stories directly to products on your online shop or blog articles to increase sales and site visits!


When used strategically, Instagram Stories provide an exciting creative outlet to engage followers with spontaneous, authentic content at the moment as life happens. The disappearing 24-hour format creates a “FOMO” fear of missing out that keeps fans checking back for daily updates.

Implement creative tools, optimization, and editing tricks, plus performance analytics to publish next-level stories that wow. Soon, your followers will be begging for more. The key is consistency.

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