5 Essential Mistakes to Avoid when Buying Blog Posts

Do you want your blog to become an authority in the relevant niche? If this is the case, then remember buying a blog for guest posts without a strategy at hand is not a smart idea.

You will need to spend significant time researching the content. At the same time, you will have to understand the psyche of the audience and provide content that they wish to read.

Now, many people opt for shortcuts. What they do is that they end up buying the posts without doing any research on their part. The activity can hurt your blog and people will not consider it trustworthy. Here we will point out mistakes people make when buying blog posts.

Buying posts from cheap resources

There are times when you are in a hurry to set up your blog. As a result, you end up buying the posts for guest posting from low-cost resources. Now, the problem you will face in this situation is that your content will have flaws.

Spun articles will surely not make you an authority in the niche. What you must keep in mind is that high-quality blog writing is not cheap.

Cluttering your blog with a lot of Content

When you create a blog and add significant content, then let it sit hoping that your search ranking will boost up. Well, cluttering your blog with content in just one go is not the right approach. Google prefers fresh content and backdated blogs will have a negative impact at the end of the day. You may get hit on your search ranking.

The misconception most bloggers have in mind is that they need to add a blog on a daily basis. When we look at high-profile blogs, then we realize that most of them add one blog per week. However, the quality of the blog post is the best.

Your posts lack Authority Links:

When buying blogs for guest posts, you have to verify that the posts have authority links. When a writer adds a link to a post, then it is essential that you should check the source of the link. The benefit of this practice is that you will get a clear idea of whether the blogger understands the concept of the blog.

If the blog post has low-quality links, then it means that the writer does not have significant insight into the industry. It will eventually discourage readers from looking at your blog.

The blog lacks Continuity:

When you want to establish your blog, then it needs to have a voice. The mistake most blog owners do is that they buy content from a variety of freelancers. As a result, your blog loses its voice.

If you have a dedicated writer for your blog, then he/she will be able to maintain the continuity of the blog. The audience will feel that they are reading the work of one person. Do not take your readers as people who stumble on your site.

Whenever they look back at your past posts, they should get the feeling that there is continuity in the articles.

You fail to provide directions to Writer:

There are times when you end up putting flawed content because you do not give relevant direction to your writer. Before buying blog posts, you need to give direction to your writer. Prepare a list of requirements and forward them to your writer.

Encourage the writer to discuss the requirements with you before starting with the work. The benefit of this practice is that your blog will not have any fluff. It will only have relevant content that offers value.

Once a writer delivers the work, make sure that you take out time to review it.  There is no harm in going for multiple revisions till you get the content you need. Before starting the contract, you can negotiate the number of revisions the writer is willing to provide.

Once you finalize the draft, put it up on your blog and see how it goes with your audience.  Even if you are getting the blogs written by other people, monitoring the quality is your responsibility. Remember, no pain no gain so work on making your blog authority.

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