Outsourcing Digital Marketing Services – A guide to new startups

Statistics have proven that over 50% of business startup fails to sustain for more than five years. 25% of these are not able to make it to the first year. So why do these startups fail to build a name for themselves and last longer? The success rate of your business is influenced not only by the fantastic concept you have but also by the digital marketing services provided by skilled marketing companies, who ensure that this part is effectively taken care of.

An entrepreneur doesn’t have to have the technical know-how. Instead, outsourcing from digital marketing services providers can help the business owner to formulate a marketing strategy that will avoid the early breaking of the business.

What is Digital Marketing and who are digital marketing services providers? 

Well to understand the need for it … It is very important to understand exactly what digital marketing is. Digital marketing as we refer to as online marketing as well as publicity and promotion of products and services through the internet and digital medium of communications to connect with their audience. It covers social media, email marketing, web advertising, guest posting services, and several other marketing channels. There are several companies and marketing agencies that offer digital marketing as a primary service. They are also responsible to spread the information about the product and services to its potential market; ensuring increased revenue. 

Many startups do not have any such information about conducting digital marketing services. This may be due to insufficient training or they are new to this rapidly changing marketing medium. They can outsource such services from marketing agencies to ensure that; this must not be the reason for their decline. 

Why is Digital Marketing Important for startups?

According to the latest statistics, there are almost 4.66 million active internet users. These people are accessible only through digital marketing. Digital marketing services help businesses to reach their audience effectively and efficiently without making such efforts or spending money. 

It ensures a better return on Investments (ROI) since most of the customers are available online. Competitors are applying the same strategy in which they target online people searching for products online. It is also the demand of those people that are using mobile phones. It will also help the company to create a reputation through digital marketing. Now coming to the point of how Outsourcing can help startups?

Managing Resources: 

Outsourcing can help you manage resources smartly as they exactly know how to get the job done. Outsourcing also makes sense as it would save money on hiring, office space, IT systems, wages, and employee benefits.

A dedicated industry with the right expertise

Startups have a lot to handle as they have set several targets. There are so many aspects that are needed to be focused on. It seems reasonable to decrease costs and save money on hiring resources at first. Instead of doing it all on your own despite having an understanding, it is better to Invest in a digital partner that can give you the knowledge and expertise to help you with all aspects of your digital strategy.

Brand Development and Strategy 

Outsourcing digital marketing services help you to create your brand identity strategically. Marketing agencies create appropriate plans for marketing activities, communication mix, target audience, and commercial objectives. from creating a logo to executing a marketing platform across digital services, Marketing agencies do it all. 

Marketing and SEO

Social Media has proven to be a massive and one of the most effective mediums of communication with the audience. It has shown its effectiveness but provides huge popularity to online businesses; therefore its power can never be underestimated. Therefore, It is very important to interact with the audience in the way they understand the most. 

One of the most important aspects of digital marketing is Search Engine Optimization which refers to the visibility of your online presence to internet users. Under the outsourced digital marketing services providers, all the digital marketing content is launched with a comprehensive SEO strategy, ensuring immediate traction and visibility with search engines. 


Outsourcing digital marketing services through marketing agencies can help the startups to develop a pace and to create a brand identity among the people. It increases the chances of moving forward in the right direction.

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