SEO Content Writing: 15 Tips on Writing Blog Posts That Rank on Google

SEO Writing: 15 Tips on Writing Blog Posts That Rank on Google

Creating blog content that ranks high in search engines and attracts readers takes skill. SEO optimization company need to optimize posts specifically for SEO while also providing genuine value for your audience.

Though SEO content writing services have its challenges, certain best practices make optimizing content much easier. By keeping these key tips in mind as you write and structure blog posts, you can master the art of effective on-page SEO.

This article outlines 15 vital writing guidelines that will help your future blog content rank higher in Google and other search engines. Follow these SEO writing techniques to drive more organic traffic, increase online visibility, boost conversion rates and build authority as a publisher.

Optimize for Specific Keywords

1. Optimize for Specific Keywords

SEO company Dubai, when writing a blog post for SEO, focuses on optimization efforts around specific keyword phrases that your target audience is searching for around your topics. Conduct thorough keyword research to identify high-volume, low-competition terms that have good commercial intent.

Keep these core phrases top of mind as you write. Seamlessly incorporate the primary keywords within your headline, opening paragraph, header tags, body content and metadata. Writing for search begins with research.

2. Write Compelling Headlines

Your headline is the very first thing people see in search listings or social media feeds, so make it captivate attention. Strategically incorporate your primary keyword and evoke intrigue, emotion or controversy that makes readers need to click. 

Ask thought-provoking questions or highlight the main benefit readers will get from diving into your content. Keep headlines short, clear and ultra specific. The right headline boosts click-through rates.

3. Provide Value for Readers

The content you create should cater first and foremost to satisfying the searcher’s needs – not just optimizing for search bots. SEO Optimization Company’s content writing services offer truly useful, in-depth information people are actively looking for around your topic.

Answer common questions completely or provide unique insights and research that your audience won’t find elsewhere. Valuable content earns links, social shares and repeat loyal visitors over time. Keep it focused on the reader.

Craft Scannable Content

4. Craft Scannable Content

With so much content on the web competing for attention, most blog readers will skim rather than read every word. Format posts to cater to these “scanners” by using descriptive headers, bulleted or numbered lists, concise 3-4 line paragraphs, eye-catching subheadings, and strategically highlighted text to call out key points. Breaking information down into easily digestible sections with visual hierarchy makes content far easier to rapidly scan.

5. Embed Relevant Images

Reinforce key points with relevant photos, infographics, graphs or screenshots. Not only do visuals break up text, but search engines factor image names, alt text and captions into relevance. Choose images carefully.

6. Link to Authoritative Sources

Support what you write by linking to reputable sources. This builds credibility with readers and search engines trying to determine the quality of your page. Varied external links also tell search engines the topic relevance.

7. Write Long-Form Content

Long blog posts over 1,500 words have been shown to consistently perform better with search rankings because they offer more in-depth information and content around keywords.Aim to write robust, extensive posts that dive deeper into topics to position yourself as a subject matter expert versus competitors.

8. Make Content Easy to Digest

Big blocks of text are hard for readers to digest. Separate sections with headers and paragraphs to ease cognitive load. The use of points and divide content into short paragraphs of 3-4 lines to appeal to today’s hyper-scanners.

Promote Calls to Action

9. Promote Calls to Action

SEO company Dubai Encourage readers to subscribe, download an offer, or share content by promoting calls-to-action. This builds brand awareness and increases readership. Strategic CTAs throughout conversion paths lead visitors closer to becoming customers.

10. Feature Multiple Media

Combine media like text, images, charts, video or audio within your posts. The wider range caters to different learning preferences and signals search engines about additional on-page relevance signals to consider.

11. Write Evergreen Content

Evergreen content maintains its relevance regardless of when it’s published. To achieve this, relate ideas to larger themes rather than only timely events. Evergreen content has longer-lasting appeal with recurring visitors and organic search.

12. Craft Unique Content

Avoid duplicating content from other sites. While using quotes and references is fine, ensure most of the text offers a new perspective, research insights or original points. Unique, well-written content distances yourself from competitors.

13. Proofread Before Publishing

Carefully proofread each piece for grammar mistakes, typos and formatting inconsistencies before you publish. These errors can undermine your credibility with readers. Additionally, search engines may index the mistakes and connect them to your site, so you want a clean copy. Use online editing tools like Grammarly or Hemingway to polish the content and catch things you may miss. This extra step helps avoid embarrassing errors that get propagated in search.

14. Optimize Page Elements Too

Beyond optimizing the blog post content itself, also pay attention to on-page elements like title tags, meta descriptions and image alt text. These additional elements greatly influence click-through rates from search listings and play a role in how images get indexed. Craft compelling title tags and meta descriptions that make users click. Use target keywords appropriately in alt text. Perfecting these page components along with the body content is key.

Promote New Content
Hand arrange wood letters as Content word

15. Promote New Content

Let both readers and search engines know about your fresh blog content on an ongoing basis. Actively promote new and updated posts through email newsletters, social media channels and internal links to boost discoverability. The more signals you send about relevant new content, the quicker it gets indexed and ranked in search engines. Promotion is crucial for content success.


Writing SEO blog content takes effort but drives organic growth. By researching keywords, providing value to readers and structuring content for both users and search bots, you can continually attract the right people to your site. Use these SEO writing best practices to improve rankings and conversion rates. Investing in thoughtful content creation fuels long-term success.

If you have any query about SEO content writing or their tips & tricks after reading this blog. So feel free to contact us.

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