Top tips to Do Blogger Outreach for Building Backlinks

Are you trying to rank your website on Google? But ydo ou feel like your content alone is not being able to do it for you? Building a few backlinks might be the right move for you. In the present time, it has become almost impossible to not have backlinks. And still, get your website ranked on Google. Here is a guide to Blogger Outreach where you’ll find a step-by-step process on how to begin the process. 

Like whom to contact, what to do, and what not to do. If you follow the strategies there shouldn’t be a problem in understanding and going through the process. 

There are two common ways to build backlinks. 

1. Hiring Somebody Else to Build Backlinks for your Site. 

2. Take it into your own hands and Follow the Process Yourself. 

A few years back your might be right to think that your content can help you rank. Or you could use simple things like guest posting, paid links, and web directories to get your site ranked. But now the paradigm has shifted and building backlinks have become necessary for getting ranked. Blogger Outreach best practices are being learned and used by writers to get their content ranked on Google. So that they can reach the maximum possible audience. 

What is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger Outreach is the new era of earning links. Comment links, link farms, and Guest Posting have been quite successful in the past. But now with Blogger Outreach, you can receive the benefits of all of these techniques in one. 

Blogger Outreachhelps to provide value to your website by providing value to the bloggers and their readers. 

Unlike sending mass emails, you don’t have to receive tons of not interested or don’t send emails again replies. You do have to send some emails in Bloggers outreach but they are not like your regular mass emails. Blogger Outreach Agency and business work together in this process to kick-start the business. Both the business and the influencer or blogger are getting benefits from the process. 

Steps to do Blogger Outreach:

There are four necessary steps to every successful Blogger Outreach program. 

  1. Prospects finding 
  2. Prospects segmenting 
  3. Reaching the right prospects 
  4. Relationship building

1. Finding the Prospects:

For reaching out to a campaign of your blog the first thing is to reach out to people. Like who is featured in the Content rather than sending emails to anyone and everyone. Make sure that you are choosing comprehensive content or page for your outreach. 

Reach out to influencers and publishers that you have linked or referred to in the content. And try to make them admit that you have done work that is interesting and informative. It can be beneficial to them. If they understand that your content is valuable they can use your help to grow. Moreover, they will surely want to keep working with you.

2. Segmenting Prospects for Outreach:

For a successful outreach campaign, segmentation of your prospects is very important. Do your segmentation according to the influence of the website or the person you have selected for your Blogger Outreach. There are two major types of prospects you will find in most cases that you should reach out to. Micro prospects and mega prospects. 

Mega prospects are people having a huge influence on people who follow them. Most people in the relevant industry know them by their name.

Micro prospects are people who have a successful growth rate and a good fan following. But they are not yet as famous as the macro prospects. The third type is nano prospects who can be neglected while you are choosing the right people to contact.

3. Pitching or outreaching the Segmented Prospects: 

Sending A Personalized Email is the basic and the right move to contact your prospects. Just make sure that you are understanding your prospect and not sending a templated email to everyone. 

Macro and micro prospects are not going to accept or respond to your old templated emails. When you are sending a personalized email your prospect feels valued and you are more likely to get a response.

4. Build a Strong Relationship:

Once a blogger has liked your idea and sent a response, you have a great chance to make them work with you again. So work hard and put your best effort to provide work that impresses the bloggers. So that they reach back to you to work again and are willing to build a long-term relationship.

Blogger outreach tools like SEO Backlinks are used to link other websites just like citations. Understanding these Blogger Outreach tools will help you go through the process in an organized and effective manner. 

Tricky but Effective Process:

Kickstarting your bloggers’ outreach program might sound a little intimidating at first. And you might feel like it is too much work but in the end, it would all be worth it. Make sure to implement all the given strategies as it is and you will start seeing results very soon. 

Also when you keep doing it the process keeps getting easier every single time. Blogger Outreach might not be an easy process to start. But when you start seeing results and everything feels like it is falling into place you feel proud of yourself for doing it.


Blogger Outreach is about contacting people individually rather than sending mass emails. In the present time, it is necessary to get your website ranked so that you find niche bloggers and influences. Moreover, build a strong relationship with them. Produce comprehensive content for the outreach. The external links make your work extensive and help you reach your goal. 

Once you start working like this make sure to keep a record of the work you have done. And the results it has produced in terms of shares, audience responses, and the amount of traffic it has generated. This way, the next time you contact a new client or blogger you can show them your previous work. And they will be comfortable in trusting you and working with you.

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