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Website provides the major link between your services and client. It needs to have the right elements that attract, engage, and convert your daily visitors. Eyes on Solution helps you achieve just that with its expert team of developers.

Take Your Business To The Digital Realm And Watch Your Sales and Leads Rise With Our Top-Notch, Professional Web Development Services

Partnership with Eyes on Solution has been truly exceptional. We're committed to getting the most value from our vendors, and Eyes on Solution consistently exceeds expectations. On our recent project, we not only received high-quality work but also collaborated with a highly responsive team. Whenever we introduced unexpected challenges or proposed unique features, our team swiftly embraced the challenge and turned our ideas into reality.

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Creative Concepts and Compelling Website Design

Our web design company Dubai takes great pride in crafting websites that represent the unique brand identity and messaging for each of our clients. Our award-winning design team stays ahead of the latest website design trends, combining both creativity and strategic vision to develop concepts that align with your target audience and industry. 

From color schemes to layouts and visuals – all aspects are tailored to create a website that builds brand awareness and effectively converts visitors. Key design services by best website design company in Dubai include:

Brand Identity Design

We work with you to understand your brand promise and pinpoint exactly how your website should visually represent that identity to customers. This shapes the overall creative direction.

Blogger Outreach
Homepage Layout Design

Critical first impressions happen on the homepage. We strategically design homepages that quickly communicate what you do along with a strong call to action to move visitors throughout the site.

In Depth Competitor Analysis
Content Hierarchy/Navigation Menus

We structure menus and content layout in an intuitive way that matches your customers’ interests and encourages natural site navigation.

Link Building
Visual Elements and Graphic Design

Compelling imagery, illustrations or multimedia along with the right fonts, color palette and on-brand graphics make for an immersive, aesthetically pleasing website.

Custom Outreach
Responsiveness and Mobile-First

In the mobile era, responsiveness across all devices is key. Our mobile-first design ensures your site looks and functions beautifully on all smartphones and tablets viewing it.

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Driving Business Growth Through Targeted Digital Marketing

Once web design company, launches your new website, we will boost your brand exposure and conversions through proven digital marketing strategies targeted specifically for your offerings and audience profile.

With continual optimizations across key channels like search engine, social media, content creation, and paid advertising, our web design agency Dubai helps you maximize your online presence for accelerated expansion.

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Website Design and Development

Why Eyes on Solution for Web Development Services?

Eyes on Solution has been in the industry for X years with experience and expert knowledge at hand that is ready to provide:

Creativity Matched with Innovation

Technology and the digital landscape are evolving every minute. Our expert team stays on top of everything, making sure to provide you with the latest and best practices that align with your business goals.

Enhanced User Experience

Our goal is not only to appeal to the target demographic but to keep them staying and revisiting your website. We bet it’ll be their favorite digital space to be on!

Mobile-Friendly Designs

We make sure your website is responsive and optimized not only for the web but for all devices, including mobile and tablets.

SEO Optimization

In addition to keeping your clients happy, our web design efforts also incorporate search engine-friendly optics so it always ranks and stays on top!


Small Business Website Packages

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This Plan Included :

Standart Plan


This Plan Included :

Premium Plan


This Plan Included :

What to Expect?

-Website Hosting

No matter what your hosting, our team of experts is a know-it-all when it comes to CDN hostings.

-Site Analytics

We make sure to track the user behavior before and after implementing the new website design to ensure you don’t lose your clients.

-Core Web Vitals

Stability, responsiveness, speed; all the essential core web vitals meet the required criteria.

-Daily Backup

Peace of mind knowing your website's data is always protected and recoverable.

-Addon Functionalities

Enhance your user experience with a tailored approach with add on facilities and integrations.

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