What are Instagram Stories? A Complete Guide

What are Instagram Stories? A Complete Guide

Instagram Stories have become a ubiquitous part of the Instagram experience in recent years. But for those unfamiliar, you may be wondering – what exactly are Instagram Stories and how do they work? In this article, we’ll explain the basics of Stories, how they differ from regular Instagram posts, ways businesses can leverage Instagram advertising services, and tips for using analytics to improve your Story strategy.

What are Stories?

Stories are a full-screen, vertical format on Instagram that allows users to share ephemeral photos and videos visible for 24 hours. Unlike regular Instagram posts which exist indefinitely on your profile unless deleted, Stories disappear after one day. They focus more on casual, real-time sharing as opposed to carefully curated permanent content.

How Stories Differ from Regular Instagram Posts

How Stories Differ from Regular Instagram Posts

There are a few key ways that Stories set themselves apart from traditional Instagram posts:

Stories are Ephemeral

As mentioned, the temporary 24-hour lifespan of Stories promotes more candid, off-the-cuff sharing without pressure for perfection. Users aren’t as worried about curating the perfect aesthetic or witty caption knowing the content will disappear.

Stories Focus on Videos and Photos

While users can still share static photos to Stories, the vertical format lends itself better to quick video clips, Boomerangs, polls, questions and other interactive story elements. This encourages a more dynamic user experience compared to standard grid posts.

Why People Use Stories

It considered as best social media marketing service provider. There are a few major reasons why users have taken to stories in a big way:

To Share Moments in Real Time

Stories offer a timely way to give followers a behind-the-scenes look at your life as events are unfolding in real-time. From parties to travel adventures to daily activities, Stories capture fleeting moments.

To Engage with Followers

Stories foster interaction through features like polls, questions, mentions and replying to other users’ stories. This makes it easy to start conversations and connect with your audience on a more personal level.

To Promote Brands and Businesses

In addition to consumer use cases, companies increasingly utilize Stories as a dynamic marketing channel to advertise products/services, host live events, and build anticipation for new launches.

How Stories Work

The mechanics of actually using Instagram Stories are quite simple and intuitive:

Posting to Your Story

From the top of your feed, tap the up arrow or swipe right to access the story camera. Here you can take photos and videos, add text, stickers, filters and more before sharing to your story.

Choosing an Audience for Your Story

After creating your story, you can choose to share it with your entire following or just close friends. You also have the option to remove it early before 24 hours are up.

Viewing Others’ Stories

To view stories from accounts you follow, tap their profile icon at the top of the feed. You can also access stories through your friends list on the left sidebar for easy browsing.

Using Stories for Business

With 500 million daily active Stories users, it’s no surprise companies have embraced it as a vital new marketing channel:

Boosting Engagement

Stories boost follower engagement through interactive polls, Q&As, photo tags and other comment/reply opportunities. This increased interaction boosts your visibility.

Creative Ways to Engage Followers

Offer behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, live announcements, product tutorials – get creative with visuals and use featured questions to spark engagement.

Increasing Visibility

Highlight new product drops, flash sales, event coverage and more to reach existing followers, plus gain exposure to new potential customers browsing stories.

Analytics for Instagram Stories

Analytics for Stories

While Stories content disappears, the analytics do not. Instagram provides useful story insights to measure performance and improve strategies for Instagram Marketing Services:

Measuring Story Views

Insights show the number of views, replies and other metrics for each story. You can see what resonates most with your audience.

Using Insights to Improve Stories

Analyze which story types, themes, hashtags, and times of day get the highest engagement. Adjust your strategy accordingly to sustain audience interest over time.

Converting Story Views to Followers

With the right approach, you can turn those daily story viewers into followers of your main account over time. Some tips:

  • Include subtle calls to action in stories asking viewers to follow your main account
  • Feature new posts or highlights reels that drive traffic to your profile
  • Go live on stories for real-time follower gains
  • Use relevant hashtags to reach discovery audiences


Instagram Stories have ushered in an exciting new era of on-the-go visual storytelling for both brands and individuals. By utilizing its interactive, engaging and highly visible features, businesses have a powerful new channel at their fingertips to nurture communities and drive growth. With strategic approach and data analysis, Stories can become a core part of any comprehensive Instagram Marketing Services.

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