What You Should Do When You Find Your SEO Ranking Suddenly Drops?

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As we know from experience how worrying it can be as a website owner to suddenly see your SEO rankings take a nosedive. After working hard to build traffic and revenue, that unexpected plunge in search visibility feels like a punch in the gut. It’s completely natural to feel concerned and even a little panicked wondering if all your optimization efforts have been for nothing.

Stay persistent and address issues comprehensively – with time, you can stabilize those unstable rankings for the long term. The goal here is to respond promptly yet strategically, without hitting the panic button.

Investigate the Reasons Behind the Drop

When you notice your SEO rankings suddenly drop, the first thing you should do is investigate the potential reasons behind it. There could be several factors at play – from issues on your website to changes in search engine algorithms.

Professional SEO services experts recommend analyzing your web traffic metrics, checking for penalties, reviewing latest updates from search engines, and auditing your on-page and off-page optimization efforts. This will help uncover what may have led to the dip in rankings.

Check for Algorithmic or Policy Changes

One of the common reasons for fluctuations in rankings is changes in search engine algorithms or policies. For instance, Google rolls out several updates annually which are aimed at surfacing better search results. However, these updates inevitably lead to churn in rankings.

Stay updated on the latest announcements from Google and Bing to check if a core update or policy adjustment has led to changes in rankings in your niche. Google has ruled out many algorithm updates to improve search quality and user experience that caused many websites to see substantial drop in their rankings.  Proactively optimizing your website for these algorithmic changes can help regain lost positions.

Over the years, Google algorithm updates to improve user experience, including Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. As Google continues refining its algorithms and search index database, more changes aimed at quality and intent can be expected.

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Review Your Link Profile

A sudden drop in rankings can also be an indication of Google imposing a manual action penalty on your site. This usually happens due to violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines around unnatural link building. Work with your SEO company to thoroughly review your backlink profile and check for any toxic links pointing to your site. Disavow the harmful links and focus on SEO Link building high-quality editorial links to recover from the manual action.

Check for Technical SEO Issues

Technical SEO issues like site indexing problems, crawler access errors, duplicate content penalties etc. can also cause a rankings drop. Crawl your site to uncover any technical glitches and fix them promptly. For instance, resolve indexation errors, improve site speed, ensure proper redirects, and address other technical problems. If the issues persist, get help from professional SEO services experts.

Audit Your On-page Optimization

Review your on-page SEO to ensure you haven’t inadvertently affected rankings with your recent website changes. Scrutinize aspects like page titles, meta descriptions, headings, content, media optimization etc. Identify gaps that may have reduced your search visibility. For instance, a drop in word count, losing rankings for important keywords, reducing media elements without replacements etc. can impact rankings.

Analyze Your Link Building Efforts

If your off-page SEO efforts have slowed down in recent months, it can definitely lead to rankings decline. Analyze metrics around your overall domain authority improvement, new backlinks gained, referral traffic from links etc.

If the numbers have dropped despite consistent link building, you may have focused on poor-quality links without realizing it. Work on your outreach strategy and build links from reputable websites in a natural way.

Monitor Your Competitors

Keep an eye on your competitors who may have pushed you down in rankings with their improved SEO. Review their backlink and keyword acquisition progress. If they have ramped up optimizations, you need to bolster your efforts to reclaim lost spots. Use their momentum as motivation to aggressively pursue link building and better your website’s search visibility.

Be Patient and Persistent

SEO results do not occur overnight. So be patient and persistent with your SEO optimization efforts across factors discussed above. Achieve quick wins by fixing technical issues, improving site quality metrics and earning some genuine new links. 

Simultaneously pursue long-term growth with consistent high-quality link building, benefitting from algorithm updates, improving reputation etc. With a comprehensive and patient approach, you can definitely recover from a sudden rankings drop.

Get an Outside SEO Audit

An unbiased external audit of your SEO company practices can uncover issues that may be difficult for you to identify on your own. SEO services firms with proven expertise can objectively evaluate optimizations across elements like site architecture, indexing, page speed, on-page factors, link building approaches etc. Seek auditor feedback not just to diagnose issues but to devise an action plan tailored to regaining the lost rankings based on competitive analysis and trends.

Update Old Content

While producing new content is essential, you also need to freshen up your old but evergreen performing pages and posts. Revisit popular content that holds impressive historical rankings. Improve them for relevance by updating facts/statistics, embedding new media, enhancing overall readability or adding related resources. This will help retain existing rankings while halting the decline resulting from dated or sub-par legacy content.


A sudden plunge in search engine rankings can be detrimental but is recoverable with a strategic response. Thoroughly investigate potential reasons via audit and analysis of website’s technical health, on-page SEO, backlink profile, link velocity, competition benchmarking and search algorithm updates. 

Be patient and fix the problems uncovered through use of right SEO techniques and expert help. With a persistent and comprehensive effort, you can steady your search rankings even after a major drop. The key is responding promptly yet strategically without panic.

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