How to do White-Hat link building with Guest Blogging

The SEO world is constantly evolving and it is getting harder to rank online. It has so many new algorithms which means you have to practice new strategies. Some people are still on the traditional ways of doing optimization while some are using new tactics. To be honest, there is no real answer here because if you are doing it right you can still rank.

For a marketing agency, the goal is to rank and get traffic. You must know that guest blogging is one of the best ways the create backlinks and helps you to get a better ranking. 

In this quick guide, you will get to know that why to use a guest blogging service that ensures white hat link building

Why are Backlinks so important?

When you write a guest post with your links embedded, you are creating backlinks through other blogs. It is one of the most essential parts of search engine optimization strategies nowadays. Google has been changing its algorithms for so long and you need to adopt a way that can help you for a long time. So, right now you need to build up your links. 

They play a vital role in ranking your keywords or getting organic traffic. If you want to sell something, you get leads and it will help you in profits. The more website backlinks you have, the more is your authority, trust, and credibility. It means that Google trusts you to be on the top of the search engine. 

White Hat vs Black Hat link building:

You might have heard about the word black hat in spy movies or novels. It means the same thing here as black hat link building is to trick Google. It is to show that the website has the highest value by keyword stuffing. There are also other ways people go through but the benefits can be short-term. Sooner or later Google finds out about this and the penalties can be highly bad for you and your brand. 

White hat link building is done through extensive research and carefully seeing the demand of readers. Your content here is the key and you do not use any strategy of the black hat. That is what makes your content valuable and perfect to be successful and rank for a very long time. If you hire a marketing agency, make sure they use the right ways for your content marketing. 

White Hat Link Building strategies with Guest Blogging:

  • Authentic and unique content:

Your content in guest blogging should be highly researched, unique, and creative. It should be highly valuable for the readers which can get you long-term leads and traffic. The better the content, the more are your chances to rank through it. You can add links simply to your blogs, products, or service. The only thing you need to remember is that it satisfies the reader and ensures an excellent user experience. 

  • Helps with broken links:

Broken links are quite common and guest blogging is the best solution for it. You can contact different websites and see if they have broken links. Make a sales pitch and ask them for guest blogging. If you are new at this offer them the blog for free with your links. The only thing you ask for is their cooperation and long-term professional partnership. A lot of people are interested in such offers. You can even try out the guest blogging service here for broken links.

  • Successful guest blogging:

Creating unique content with embedded links and no keyword stuffing is the easiest way to increase authority. Make sure that you are doing guest blogging on regular basis. You can make a plan to do 3 5 10 blogs every month. If you can afford more, then why not. It will help you to rank even better and here you can take the help of a marketing agency to write the best sales pitch for you. The more leads you create, the more profit you can make.

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