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5 Tips to Grow your Site using White Hat Link Building Technique

11 May 2020

Doing Search engine optimization for your website is the best thing for its ranking and to increase the traffic flow on it.  Among many ways through which you can invite internet surfers on your web page,

Link Building

is the most effective one. You can build or spread links all over the globalized internet network.

Search engines usually have some set of terms and requirements for the optimization of your website. In link building, if you optimize your site by keeping yourself relevant to these terms and conditions then it is called white hat link building. If you do against these policies then this link building is termed as black hat link building.

This article put his eyes on a solution with 5 major tips and techniques that you can adopt in the domain of white hat link building along with the benefits of using this hat. Moreover the penalties you can save yourself from avoiding the other not recommended link building hat.


The following methods will help you to stand out on your website in potential search engines.

1)   Create Your Blog:

What could be better than having a blog with recurring traffic which has the backlinks of your website? Sounds interesting, right? Create your blog now!

In order to boost website traffic in this way, you have to do regular postings on your blog. This does not work this way that you have created a blog and posted an article with backlinks to your website and then leave it for a good amount of time.

Regular posting on your blog with quality content to attract visitors and posting a backlink only where it seems natural will immensely help you in growing your website. Make sure to post evergreen and healthy content on your blog to draw traffic.

Tip in short:                                              

Update your Blog with Quality Content

2)   Comment on Relevant Blog Posts:

You have created your blog and posted an article on it with phenomenal and notable content on it for getting a white hat backlink for your website. Ever thought about what you can do more in this context?

On well-known search engines like Google, there will be many blogs related to your niche which have higher regular traffic than yours. Utilize these blogs through this technique of white hat link building. “Comment on the articles with your website link incorporated in a way that looks totally fluent.”

Do a healthy, engaging, and attention-grabbing reply. You often find this column under articles in the headings like “submit comment”, “leave a comment and “leave a reply”.

Tip in Short:

Raise a valid question or write the un-written.

3)   Prepare an outstanding Guest Post:

Guest posting service is another way of utilizing highly reputed websites and blogs for captivating traffic to your website. All you have to do is to meet the terms and conditions of a blog or website by fulfilling their requirements of quality content mainly.

P.S (Different websites have different terms and conditions read them thoroughly, you can only get permission to a guest post by agreeing on their terms).

The major factor that should be kept in mind is going only for those websites and blogs that are relevant to your website niche will help you to grow your website.

This service allows you to post your writings on websites that are already grown and ranked in search engines with your links to provide you traffic by forming a network of white hat link building.

Tip in Short:                                                       

Go for Reputed and ranked Websites

4)   Buy Quality Backlinks:

The next tip on our list to grow your website by link-building technique is the purchase of quality backlinks. There are many recognized and ranked websites that will match your website in terms of niche, which will post a link to your website on their web pages for a specific amount.

By buying a quality backlink here, we mean purchasing a place for your link on a website that is better than yours in terms of Domain Authority, Page Authority, Alexa Ranking, and of course number of visits per day. You will get recurring traffic on your site by this method.

The tip is short:                          

Buy backlinks from websites of high DA and PA than yours.

5)   Ask for a Backlink Favor from Matching Niche Website:

This is the most exciting tip of our list of 5 tips. This will exactly work the same way as buying a quality backlink does. But wait! Here is the difference. You don’t need to pay in order to get a white hat backlink from an authoritative website.

It is time to get a benefit out of your relatives, friends, partners, and colleagues that own a quality website or a blog. Ask them to provide you in-content links instead of footers or sidebars. This will enhance the traffic flow to your site and traffic density can immensely grow your website.  

Tip in Short                             

Ask for in-content and relevant niche backlinks

Benefits of Using White Hat Link Building:

White hat SEO generally and white hats link particularly provides your website with the following benefits.

·        It protects the reputation of your website both in the context of users and search engines.

·        It will enhance the customer experience and provide your site with regular or recurring traffic.

·        White hats are affordable to get while grey or black hat links are expensive and only provide short-term results.