The Definitive Guide to Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the new tool for digital marketing and you must have come across it very often but have you ever realized what they do? Till now social media marketing was the more than average kind of digital marketing tool. But now social media marketing is very common, what is more than average is Influencer Marketing.

An influencer is a term that is still bothering marketers, many do not understand what influencer marketing means. Here we have a detailed guide that will help you to understand Influencer marketing easily.

What is an Influencer or who is an influencer?

Even today the word of mouth matters more to us than just the google review and the feedback. If you have managed to notice then you will see that a word of mouth by a person influencer marketing rapidly spreading all across the social media platform and let us tell you that this is driving the customers crazy because they believe that it is not an advertisement, hence there is no sugar coating. This is mainly done by the personalities who are ever-present on social media platforms and people who have known them well. This is just an indirect way of promoting their businesses through influencer marketing.

 Jay Baer: “True influence drives action, not just awareness.”

It is very advantageous to use influencers because they already have more than followers you would have. Hence they will be able to give a kick start to your business and you have a chance of converting all their audiences as yours.

Importance of an Influencer

Well, the importance of an Influencer is immense in any business, because the influencer grows the trust of your customers in you. Remember one thing your customers like third-party recommendations and the influencers will be able to give what exactly they want. You would of course not like a direct bragging or a direct promotion of anything, whereas you would like someone suggesting you use something. You would think of them as a third party who has no profit in promoting someone else’s product.

As and when the conventional traditional market is falling influencer marketing is facing some other levels of success in digital marketing. Hence more and more people are shifting towards influencer marketing to have successful digital marketing. But the ultimate basic is you need to increase your social media presence, you will have to understand which kind of influencer will be helpful for what.

Once you have an influencer for your brand, you got to leave everything to them, they will decide which kind of content will be published for your product and it is up to their wish how they are going to promote you or your brand.

Think like the Audience

If you are sure that you want to get into influencer marketing then make sure you know what your influencers want. Well, you do not have to think about your audience but you will have to think like your audience. As a marketer you know your audience enough, now all you need to know is what kind of content or posts are required for your influencer marketing. If you want to get success with influencer marketing then you will have to take it a step further and realize what else could you do or how can you represent yourself to your audience to do great influencer marketing.

Let us give you an example, if you are a beauty brand, then your influencer can show videos of the daily skincare tips using your product. It is as simple as just using it naturally in your content as we do in our written content.

How to define your influencer for your brand?

When you are out there in the market looking for influencers for the brands then you are in for a roller coaster ride. Selecting one influencer for your brand can be really bad. Influence marketing is really a big world. Without the right knowledge, you are bound to make mistakes.

Before choosing an influencer for your brand, there are certain things that you just confirm. You must plan your execution plan and point out your goals and then you must approach an influencer that fits your requirements.

Before going all-in with an influencer, you just do your own research on the influencer. You must ask yourself what kind of content they produce. What kind of audience theft do you have? Will their audiences be relevant to your brand? After answering all these questions you must make your decision.

Here are things that you must see whether your influencer is capable of or not.


You need to understand who can influence him for example if we take Justin Bieber, he has more than 40 million followers on various social media platforms but would he promote your software? And even if he does, why would 15-year-old take interest in your software promoted by Justin Bieber hence it is very important to understand who can influence whom with what.

Reaching out:

Well, that is the whole point of having an influencer; after all, if you are hiring someone as an influencer then you will have to make sure that they have enough of a follower base. The followers of the influencer will follow you hence it is important that your influencer has a good follow base which will get added up to your customer lead. If you get the correct influencer for the correct brand then the shift of customer interest will definitely help your brand.


This is the last step, make your influencers do something so that their followers finally become your customer. The conversion rate must be high only then it will be successful as influencer marketing. You have to make sure that the influencers are making any engagement with the audiences or not. If not, ask them to do so. This way, you will also be able to convert the potential audiences to your customers.


The one thing that most people do not understand about influencer marketing is that it is not the platform they buy branded messages. If your influencer is unable to produce those branded messages then it is advisable to change to different influencers like Eyes On Solution.

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